Chandra Tal

This picture shows lake Chandra Tal in the Indian Himalayas. I took this picture in 2008.
photograph of Ralph Niels

Ralph Niels (or more officially: R.M.J. Niels, PhD), lives in Nijmegen (Netherlands) with wife, three children —  (5 yrs),  (4 yrs) and  (2 yrs) —, a cat and a rabbit.

Works as teacher/researcher at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the field of computer science. Topics of interest include programming, research, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, development of (object oriented and distributed) applications and web applications, embedded software (Arduino, ...) and databases.

Used to work as researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen in the field of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. Received his Ph.D.-degree in 2010 (list of publications and information about the thesis).

After that as trainer and knowledge architect at Be Informed — an internationally oriented company that develops business solutions using its general purpose business process platform, based on the principles of "dynamic case management".

Likes to listen to music, tries to get decent sounds from some (mainly stringed) instruments. Enjoys reading (literature and non-fiction in various subjects), traveling, vegetarian cooking, photography (some pictures) and running. Interested in language (in the broadest sense).